The DnsCertResolver type exposes the following members.


Public methodDnsCertResolver(IPAddress)
Create a DNS certificate resolver, using default timeout
Public methodDnsCertResolver(IPAddress, Int32)
Create a DNS certificate resolver.
Public methodDnsCertResolver(IPAddress, Int32, String)
Creates a DNS certificate resolver with a custom timeout and a fallback domain.


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Public methodGetCertificates
Resolves X509 certificates for a mail address.
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Public fieldAssumeWildcardSupport
Indicates if this instance assumes the DNS server supports wildcarding.
Public fieldStatic memberDefaultTimeoutMs
The default timeout in milliseconds.


Public propertyFallbackDomain
Fallback domain for this resolver instance.
Public propertyHasFallbackDomain
Gets if this instance has a fallback domain.
Public propertyMaxRetries
Number of retries to attempt.
Public propertyServer
The DNS IPAddress resolved against.
Public propertyTimeout
Timeout in milliseconds.


Public eventError
Event to subscribe to for notification of errors.

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