Public classAgentDomains
Represents domains managed by an agent.
Public classAgentException
Represents agent exceptions.
Public classIncomingMessage
Represents an incoming message, with sender, receivers, and message to be decrypted and verified.
Public classMessageEnvelope
Represents a message with addresses and content body.
Public classMessageSignature
Represents a single S/MIME signature on a message.
Public classMessageSignatureCollection
Represents a collection of message signatures.
Public classNHINDAddress
Represents a Direct address (a MailAddress with an associated set of certificates.
Public classNHINDAddressCollection
Represents a collection of NHINDAddress instances.
Public classNHINDAgent
Master client for mail encryption/decryption and signature management.
Public classNHINDStandard
Represents standard elements of a Direct RFC 5322 message
Public classOutgoingMessage
Represents a message to be prepped for sending (generally an unencrypted message to be signed and encrypted).
Public classTrustChainValidator
Validates trust chains for certificates.
Public classTrustModel
Encapsulates enforcement of a Direct trust model, including certificate and trust anchor validation.


Public enumerationAgentError
Enumeration of types of agent errors, used in AgentException
Public enumerationTrustEnforcementStatus
Status of trust checking