Public classCertificateIndex
Represents an index of certificates by subject.
Public classCertificateResolver
Supports resolution of certificates by address.
Public classCertificateStore
Abstract class for certificate storage and resolution.
Public classDnsCertResolver
Implements a certificate resolver using DNS CERT records. Supports the concept of a fallback domain.
Public classExtensions
Extend the public APIs for some crypto objects by attaching these handy methods Also includes some static 'factory' type methods
Public classMemoryX509Store
Public classSystemX509Store
Represents a local machine store for certificates.
Public classTrustAnchorResolver
Provides trusted certificates
Public classUniformCertificateStore
Represents a certificate store for an entire organization that is represented by the same organization certificate


Public interfaceICertificateResolver
Supports resolution of certificates by address.
Public interfaceITrustAnchorResolver
Supports creation of certificate resolvers defining trust anchors.
Public interfaceIX509CertificateIndex
Interface supporting indexing certificates by subject name.
Public interfaceIX509CertificateStore
Interface supporting a store of certificates.