The MessageEnvelope type exposes the following members.


Public propertyDomainRecipients
Gets the domain managed recipients for this envelope
Public propertyHasDomainRecipients
Indicates if this envelope has domain managed recipients.
Public propertyHasOtherRecipients
Indicates if this envelope has non-domain managed recipients.
Public propertyHasRecipients
Gets if this message has recipients
Public propertyHasRejectedRecipients
Does this message have rejected recipients?
Public propertyMessage
The Message instance representing the underlying message
Public propertyOtherRecipients
Gets and sets the non-domain recipients for this evelope.
Public propertyRecipients
The recipients of the message. Will generally reflect the To: header unless there are any RejectedRecipients
Public propertyRejectedRecipients
A collection of recipients that have been rejected due to trust issues.
Public propertySender
The sender (From: header) address.

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